The vaginal ring doesn’t prevent intimately sent attacks (STIs)

In the event that made use of precisely, new vaginal band is more than 99% active. Consequently fewer than step 1 lady from every a hundred just who use the vaginal band since contraception might be pregnant in the one year.

The newest band can occasionally turn out on its own, but you can rinse they into the hot water and place it into as soon as possible. You will need emergency contraception, depending on how a lot of time it’s been out.

The ring works

This new ring continuously releases oestrogen and you will progestogen, that are man-made sizes of your own hormonal which can be definitely put out from the ovaries. This:

  • reduces ovulation
  • thickens vaginal mucus, rendering it more difficult having cum to locate owing to
  • thins the lining of one’s uterus to ensure a keen egg try less likely to want to implant here

Using the vaginal band

You could begin using the vaginal ring any moment through the the cycle. You let it rest set for 21 weeks, after that eliminate it and get good eight-date ring-100 % free crack. You will be shielded from pregnancy within the ring-100 % free crack. You then lay yet another ring-in for the next 21 months.

You are protected from maternity immediately for folks who submit they to the first day of the several months (the original day of your menstrual cycle). You won’t getting protected against maternity for many who begin to use it at any other time in the menstrual period. You will need to explore more contraceptive (eg condoms) with the earliest seven days

You could talk about so it with your doctor or nurse to determine when might be the most ilove kod rabatowy readily useful for you personally to begin using the fresh band.

Inserting the latest band

  1. Save your self this new foil pocket new band is available in to put brand new ring in when you put they out.
  2. With brush hands, fit the new ring involving the thumb and you will little finger, and you may gently input the tip in the vagina.
  3. Gently force this new ring up into your pussy until it feels comfortable.

As opposed to an effective diaphragm otherwise cap, this new ring doesn’t need to safety your own cervix (the fresh new entrance towards womb) to operate.

If you can have the band and it’s really uncomfortable, push it a while then to your vagina. I don’t have the right or incorrect location for that it is, for as long as it isn’t shameful.

Just be capable check that the fresh ring remains truth be told there with your fingertips. If you can’t feel they, but you’re certain it’s indeed there, see your doc otherwise nursing assistant. New band don’t get ‘lost’ inside you.

After the ring has been in your genitals getting 21 days (step 3 months), your take it off. This ought to be on the same day’s the times one to you place it in the.

Removing new ring

  1. Which have brush give, place a thumb in the vagina and you will link they inside the side of the fresh band.
  2. Softly remove the newest ring out.
  3. Place it regarding foil wallet offered and put they from inside the the fresh bin – try not to clean it along the bathroom.

Removing the brand new ring shall be easy. When you have any hemorrhaging otherwise pain, or you can’t eliminate it out, inform your doc or nurse instantly.

When you have drawn the latest ring away, you do not put a special one out of having seven days (7 days). This is the ring-free period. You’ve probably a period of time-particular bleed during this period. Possible be shielded from maternity within these one week.

Immediately after 1 week in place of a ring-in, you need to submit a unique you to. Place the the latest ring in though you’re still bleeding. Leave this ring-in for 21 weeks, upcoming repeat the fresh new cycle.