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Natl Acad. American , — evaluating seasonal issues for introduction and mosquito-borne spread of Zika virus in Europe. EBioMedicine 9 , — Quick, J. Real-time, portable genome sequencing for Ebola monitoring. Nature , — Genome sequence of an applicant globe Health business resource stress of Zika virus for nucleic acid tests. Genome Announc. Metsky, H. Zika malware progression and spread out into the Americas. Giovanetti, M. Zika malware comprehensive genome from Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.

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Distinct Zika virus lineage in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. Corman, V. Assay optimization for molecular recognition of Zika malware. Liu, H. From breakthrough to outbreak: the genetic progression of promising Zika virus. Microorganisms Infect.

Pettersson, J. MBio 7 , e—16 Holmes, E. The development of Ebola virus: knowledge from the — crisis. Activities of intra- and interhost nonsynonymous difference present strong purifying choices in dengue malware. Park, D. Ebola malware epidemiology, transmission, and progression during seven several months in Sierra Leone. Mobile , — De Maio, N. brand new routes to phylogeography: a Bayesian organized coalescent approximation. PLoS Genet. Lemey, P.

Bayesian phylogeography discovers the roots. PLOS Comput. Campos, G. Zika malware break out, Bahia, Brazil. Zanluca, C.

Very first document of autochthonous sign of Zika virus in Brazil. Oswaldo Cruz , — Paules, C. Yellow fever—once once more from the radar display during the Americas. Lanciotti, R. Genetic and serologic properties of Zika malware connected with an epidemic, Yap county, Micronesia, Grubaugh, N. Genomic epidemiology shows multiple introductions of Zika virus into the usa.

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Kozlov, A. ExaML version 3: something for phylogenomic analyses on supercomputers. Bioinformatics 31 , — Guindon, S. brand-new formulas and techniques to calculate maximum-likelihood phylogenies: evaluating the results of PhyML 3. Hasegawa, M. relationships of the human—ape splitting by a molecular time clock of mitochondrial DNA.

Darriba, D. Methods 9 , Schierup, M. effects of recombination on old-fashioned phylogenetic comparison. Genes , — Faye, O. Molecular progression of Zika trojan during their development in the 20 th 100 years. Martin, D. RDP4: discovery and analysis of recombination habits in virus genomes. Trojan Evol 1 , vev Bruen, T.

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Straightforward and sturdy mathematical test for finding the existence of recombination. Huson, D. applying of phylogenetic networks in evolutionary scientific studies. Rambaut, A. Virus Evol.

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