Willow vs. Elvie: Which is the ideal hands-free breasts pump? After years of marginal significant progress to breast pumps, we now have started to stay in an age of general wealth.

Nowadays there are two bust high heels being larger jumps forward for breastfeeding or chestfeeding folks: the Elvie and the Willow

The Elvie and Willow become self-contained breasts stations being kept in destination with a full insurance coverage nursing hooter harness. The two run on standard rechargeable energy – the Willow uses an A/V re-charger along with Elvie uses USB cables. We now have recommended them both detailed, but right here we are placing all of them head-to-head.

The Elvie can be found for sale either as one pump or a couple of two, whilst Willow is just available as a collection of two. Since in our opinion, a lot of consumers will choose the double push, it is exactly what we are going to get contrasting in this post.

What exactly is into the container?

The Elvie two fold pump is sold with:

Two hubs (the motors)

4 5-ounce containers

2 24mm bust guards

2 28mm breast defenses

4 hooter harness adjusters

2 USB getting charged wiring

2 flanges during the measurements you’ve picked

24 4-ounce whole milk handbags

2 cleaning brushes

This is fundamental level of differentiation amongst the Willow and Elvie. The Elvie ships with enough products to pump double without needing to cleanse anything at all besides the breasts shields. This was available in convenient for my situation anytime I had to push in the vehicle while traveling; i really could merely stash the unclean pieces in a bag to wash within my getaway.

If you’re putting on both side, you will want to cleanse the Willow’s elements before working with it once more, and it will breakdown without consistent maintenance.

Finding the differences when considering the Willow and the Elvie breasts buddhist chat rooms push?

The leading variance are actually:

What cows milk each holds

Exactly how active you’ll be for those who push

Just how complicated these include to use

The method that you save the milk products


Let’s start with revenue. The Elvie’s two fold pump spending $499 but comes with most portion total. The Willow furthermore is priced at $499 and incorporates 24 of this business’s proprietary handbags. Recyclable milk canisters are available independently for $50, and a bundle of handbags is $23.99 for 48.

If you’re pumping with the Elvie, or the Willow’s reusable milk container, you can store breast milk in freezer bags, which are available at most stores from brands like Lansinoh or Medela. If you’re making use of the branded Willow store bags, you can purchase these people directly from they for $23.99 for a bundle of 48.

Sports degree

This particular push provides deeper flexibility than typical breast high heels that need to be attached to a walls and now have extended tubes linking the flanges for the motor. They can be also way more discreet to utilize. Both the Elvie and Willow is single-user heels and can’t generally be discussed. Each try eligible to be bought with cash from a health family savings (HSA) or an adaptable spending account (FSA). Fractional insurance plan is offered if you speak to your insurer.

The Willow seems to have the evident side when considering just what strategies you can do while working, because of the one-way device in the bag. Wearing a comfortable boobie harness will keep the Willow secure enough accomplish pilates or some other moderate-intensity techniques, even where in actuality the pump comes to be inverted or as soon as the individual was prone. This could be an engineering triumph naturally.

Wear the Elvie didn’t think about safe and secure enough to attempt training or important active while working. I didn’t wish take a chance of disrupting the seal and achieving to get started with around.

Whole milk volume

The Elvie can handle an increased volume of dairy milk produced in a treatment – 5 oz in contrast with 4 oz towards Willow. The Willow shuts away automatically when it detects that it can be complete. This really a needed element due to the fact can’t observe how a lot of milk products is incorporated in the purse while you are putting. But’s additionally possible for the push to shut off prematurely in the event the detector was completely wrong.